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Program your own world

Save electricity

Controlling expenses or switching all home appliances off are so tedious, aren't they? Let your intelligent home do all your mundane duties. Why? Since there is so many more interesting things to do than controlling electrical devices. When you are home, it will adjust the perfect temperature. How about the room, that you rarely visit? The temperature will be decreased to the minimum level, but it will not be extremely cold in there. The same situation is when you leave your house for a long time. Your home will check the heating device for you all the time! And don't be afraid of too much time on your hands! Use your spare time and do everything you are longing for.
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Welcome home

What are your dreams, when you enter your home after working long hours? The gate opens itself, the light in a hall is switched on, and the kitchen is full of a fresh coffee scent. Want to take a bath? The bathtub fills up itself. Do not worry about the lights in a living room. In the intelligent home, the lights travel with you, so if you leave one room, all the lamps are "magically" switched off by the same time, and your favorite piece of music is played form the loudspeakers everywhere. Any other dreams? Say it aloud! Your home makes your wish come true. How? Simple! An access to the Internet is an essential requirement.
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Look who's that

If you are not able to welcome your guest, that have just arrived, use your phone or a TV set. Those devices act when a door bell rings and help you to have a chat with people standing in front of your door. What is the best, you do not have to be home! You just need an access to 3G network. By using 2G you can talk and send photos. Thanks to that, when you are at work, on holidays or do shopping, you have en eye on everything. And if you don't want anybody to know that there is nobody home, this system simulates the presence of the household members! By switching the lights and all electrical devices on and off, it will seem that house is full of people.
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Fireman ready for action

Few seconds – that’s exactly how many your intelligent home needs to inform you about the danger. Smoke and fire will alert your personal fireman immediately. Whether you’re home asleep or far away, you’ll be awaken by the alarm, or informed about the situation right away. The information will reach all the indicated telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Your home is going to inform the adequate service and disconnect all energy supplies, to increase the risk of explosion or creating new sources of fire. You can sleep peacefully. The safety of your family is in good hands.
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Intruder on your property

Sense of safety – that’s the most precious thing your home provides you with. In order to keep it that way, the system will do an image analysis and get to know if the movement around your property is a neighbors’ kids ball or a gatecrasher. In case of any unwanted guests, you and an adequate service are immediately informed about it. Relax – it’s your home. Nothing wrong can happen in here.
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Broken pipe – gallons of water and serious damages? Not in the intelligent home. An immediate reaction stops the water leak and prevents you from needless stress and a severe loss. Yes, your home can do that.
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Program your world

A simple action performed few times a day equals few hours a month. So don't waste your time and let your intelligent home do all this mundane work for you! It is ready for your orders 24/7. Even if you are far away from your place of living. You just need a mobile phone with iOS or Android operating systems or a computer with the Internet access to get in touch with your home.

The system works in totally different moods, e.g. household members going to work/school, their longer absence, coming back form work. The intelligent home adapts to each situation and never stops taking care of your comfort, security and a good mood – starting with making you a cup of coffee, and ending on alarming that you are in danger.

The intelligent home is able to analyze all the data and adjusts to the changing weather conditions. Need an example? Imagine. It will water your garden but never when it is freezing cold or is raining cats and dogs outside. You do not have to come up with ideas any longer! Just trust your home and it will do it for you.

And you become best friends faster that you can say Jack Robinson!
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